Jeremy is the smart one among the four friends. He is voiced by Adam Carl. He is often the voice of reason among the friends when they have an argument. Though expert in both bike and skate board he is often seen riding on a bike. Jeremy is of Caucasian origin. He is a bit taller then all the other friends and have shoulder length blonde hair. He is often seen wearing a maroon tee-shirt which displays the number 1.

He has the habit of showing his extensive knowledge about wide variety of subjects including the origin and habits of dinosaurs, which often annoys his friends. Though Wally the closest friend of Denver, Jeremy often assumes the role of the leader. One episode he is selected as the school chairman. Other than academics he participates in a wide variety of activities. He is active in school projects as in one episode the friends participate in the school project competition and win first prize by exhibiting Denver.

He is often seen participating in sports his main item being poll vault. Though his friends are unaware of it he has a mild crush on Wally's sister Heather. This evident on one episode in which Heather's manager mistakes Jeremy for Heather's boyfriend and Jeremy feels awkward about it. When Morton Fizzback captures Denver which is most of the times Jeremy often comes up with a plan to rescue him.

In one episode he was romantically involved with a girl named Dawn Wellington. Jeremy met her when she came to the bakery, to order a cake, where he was working part time. Later episodes didn't mention if they continued the relationship.